Learning To Cook Balinese Cuisine: 7 Places To Master The Art

Bali is a place where nature’s beauty is uniquely blended with modernity which turns all the heads towards it throughout the year for a vacation. However, while looking for Bali trip packages the most common things we may find in most of the itineraries are the Island trips, best accommodations, hill stations, and also the best waterfalls in Bali. Though they are worth watching, what’s so special is that everyone missout a chance to create memories is the opportunity of learning to cook Balinese cuisine.

This experience not only gives you a glimpse of local tradition but also gives you a sense of new learnings and the thrill of a cooking competition. So, let’s have a glance over how you can try learning to cook Balinese cuisine, places to get trained, and the tips to learn Balinese cooking trends

What You Can Expect While Learning To Cook Balinese Cuisine

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While learning to cook Balinese cuisine here are a few expectations you can get a sight over.

1. Enjoy Rich Balinese Diversity 

While learning to cook Balinese cuisine you will explore the diverse cultural influences like Asian countries with strong flavors and sweetness aside.

2. Aromatic Spices 

You can get a complete grip on aromatic spices such as galangal, ginger, lemongrass, lime leaves, and turmeric to have a special scented flavor.

3. ​Special Ingredients 

Balinese cooking techniques only use fresh and indigenous ingredients such as vegetables, seafood, herbs, and also fruits. You will toss up garnishing using peppers, palm sugar, and also coconut powder sometimes.

4. Exposure To Balinese Techniques

Learning Balinese cooking mainly involves exposure to mastering traditional cooking methods like banana leaf cooking, pot steaming, etc.

Tips For Learning To Cook Balinese Cuisine

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Here are some tips if you are learning to cook Balinese cuisine

1. Stick To Basics

Start with familiarizing basic things to deal with the wide range of Balinese dishes while cooking. Start with beginner-friendly dishes like Lawar, Satay, and Nasi Goreng. 

2. Explore Balinese Ingredients

Get a clear exposure to all the Balinse ingredients and their importance in cooking to get the desired taste. Keep a priority for special segments like spices, aromatics, and condiments.

3. Attend Balinese Cooking Classes Regularly 

Regularly follow all the instructions correctly given by the local and international chefs. Try these value-added additions to your cooking and make your food more delicious.

4. Balinese Cooking Style

Practice Balinese Cooking Style, focus mainly on all the tips shared and apply them while you learning traditional Balinese cooking techniques. You need to be well versed with the spices, motor, pestle, grilled items, and all the ingredients to help you practice better.

5. Use Traditional Techniques

Sometimes it is better to use old traditional techniques to get things done with more flavors, Here in these cooking classes you will learn serving in banana leaves, proper wrapping, and best-in-class techniques.

Top 7 Places For Learning To Cook Balinese Cuisine

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Here are the top 7 places for learning to cook Balinese cuisine

1. Paon Bali Cooking Class

This is one of the best places in Bali to explore new traditional cooking styles intermingled with the Balinese traditions. These cooking classes are headed by locally famous chefs with fixed hours. So never miss out on the timelines to keep ahead in the learning process

2. Bumbu Bali Cooking School (Nusa Dua)

This place is dealt with under the guidance of the famous chef Heinz Von Holzen with an intermix style cooking of Balinese and Indonesian styling. You can get access to hands-on cooking sessions with a wide range of varieties like Rendang and Babi Guling(Suckling Pig).

3. Jambangan Bali Cooking Class (Seminyak)

Jambangan Bali in Seminyak offers its cooking learners a personalized cooking schedule by segregating them into groups. As every group has limited members and the fixed timers for the session and performance you will feel the heat of competition and can be rewarded with embraced cooking skills. All the instructors here are more passionate and provide instruction with utmost patience. They are specialized in dealing with items like Sate Lilit, Lawar, and Salads.

4. Lobong Culinary Experience(Ubud)

This place offers one of the unique chances to experience the Balinese cooking style in a tranquilizing village-like setting. The local village women will train you in traditional techniques, indigenous culture, and also cooking with the ingredients that are specially grown in the specified region, They specialize in making Pepes Ikan(Fish in banana leaves) and Sambal Matah(Chilli Sambal).

5. Anika Cooking Class (Kuta)

This place provides interactive sessions with the teams separated into the members relevant to their cooking experience. Here the participants are trained to start with special foods in Bali to create exposure to the local techniques and later on levels are progressed with time. Periodic cooking contests are conducted to check the level of learnings their students are going with. Babi Kecap(Pork In Sauce) and Bebek Betutu(Spiced Duck) are famous cuisine learnings here.

6. Casa Luna Cooking School(Ubud)

This place offers hands-on cooking classes mainly focussing on the Balinese and the International cuisine mix. Along with cooking you will also be trained to select the quality and quantity of the ingredients under the guidance of experienced chefs. The famous items you learn to cook are Lawar Bali(Balinese mixed salad) and Ayam(Steamed chicken in banana leaves).

7. Pondok Pitaya Cooking classes 

Pondok Pitaya Cooking classes provide you with a serene experience of cooking classes on the shores of the ocean. Here you will learn cooking under the special guides who will be monitoring you throughout the act and they are specialized in seafood training. With all the stunning views and insightful mentoring, this is one of the best things to do in Bali if you keep a tick on your favorable memories. Pepes Tuna(Steamed Tuna in leaves) and Udang Sambal Matah(Shrimp with raw chilies) lead the list of items here.

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