G14021223 – Analysis of Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) Procurement and Maintenance Tenders in India

Introduction: Sewage Treatment Plants (STP) are highly procured for recycling waste water, removing of deposited waste sediments, and greywater management projects. Operation and maintenance services of STPs are procured by various government agencies and PSUs in India through tendering processes. These STP tenders are procured to enhance the infrastructure of various office premises, industries, schools, hospitals, and railway stations. These STP tenders were procured by various government agencies like Department of Defence Production, Zila Parishad, Public works department, and Municipal Administration and Water Supply Department.

Yearly analysis: This study analyzes the procurement of operation and maintenance of STP tenders by the government agencies in India. A total of 4103 STP tenders were advertised by around 411 government agencies across various states. Among these tenders Zila Parishad, Haryana Government, and Public Health Engineering Department were the top three ranking agencies. For instance, the Haryana government issued a tender for STP upgradation at BPSMV Khanpur Kalan. The public health engineering department published a tender for annual running and maintenance of sewage treatment plant in Sanjay Gandhi Memorial Hospital, Rewa (M.P.).

State-wise analysis: These STP tenders were published across various states in India. Among these tenders, West Bengal, Haryana, and Karnataka were the top three key buying states. For example, the government agencies in West Bengal issued around 1089 tenders like Central Public Works Department issued a tender for operation and maintenance of sewage treatment plant of MBBR technology based 250 KLD capacity at GPRA Gujaini Kanpur. The Indian Oil Corporation Limited in Karnataka issued a tender for design supply installation and commissioning of 10 KLD Sewage Treatment Plant at Shimoga BP.

West Bengal tenders: Among various states, West Bengal was the leading state in procuring STP tenders. These West Bengal tenders were procured by government agencies like the municipal affairs department issued a tender for round the clock operation and minor maintenance of 1 MLD capacity sewage treatment plant for three years at City Centre under DMC. Whereas, the Military Engineer Services advertised a tender for augmentation of the sewage disposal system in several zones including maintenance and operation of STP. 

Procurement for Greywater management: Around 1000 tenders were procured for implementation of the greywater management system. Greywater management is the process of filtering the waste water from the bath, laundry, and kitchen to remove impurities. For example, Zilla Parishad in West Bengal issued a tender for iImplementation of greywater management at Mukherjeepara at Barasat Phase I.The Directorate of Town Panchayats in Tamil Nadu published a tender for construction of greywater treatment plant at 4th ward A.V. Patti Road Mandhi Kulam near Vadamadurai Town Panchayat. Whereas, Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Department in Karnataka issued a tender for construction of a gray water treatment structure near Desai Halla in Gajabarwadi Village in NipaniTaluka.

Procurement in health sectors: A significant number of tenders were published by the health care sectors to implement STPs in various hospitals. For example, the Public Works Building and NH Department in Assam issued supply, installation, testing and commissioning of 2 nos. 150 KLD STP of appropriate technology including civil works, tertiary treatment etc. for Tezpur Medical College and Hospital, Tezpur. Similarly, the Local Self Government Department in Kerala advertised a tender for construction, supply, installation, testing, commissioning and operation and maintenance for five years of 360 KLD capacity of sewage treatment plant for general hospital, Thrissur, Kerala. The Chandigarh Administration Department issued a tender for providing and laying of sewer line from existing outlet points i.e. manholes/ sewer line to connect with proposed STP-Cum-ETP at Civil Hospital.

Procurement in education department: Education sector published several STP operation and maintenance tenders. For instance, HP Irrigation and Public Health in Himachal Pradesh issued a tender for providing a sewerage treatment plant to Eklavya Model Residential School Nichar in GP Nichar in Distt. Whereas, RSRDCC-GM in Rajasthan issued a tender for the construction of a sewage treatment plant of 200 KLD capacity including civil work and supply, installation, testing and commissioning at Medical College Campus, Bhilwara. Indian Institute of Science Education and Research – Mohali in Punjab issued a tender for grid chamber, equalization tank, treated water tank for installing 120 KLD STP for the two new Hostels.

Procurement in railways: STP tenders were published by the railway department across various states in India. These tenders were procured for installing and maintaining STPs in various railway stations. For example, the South Eastern Railways in West Bengal issued a tender for provision of a comprehensive sewage treatment plant at Purulia under Amrit Bharat Station Scheme. Similarly, the North Western Railways in Rajasthan published a tender for integration of sewage treatment plant one time repair of work with operation and maintenance for two years at SOG, HSR & BNW stations. Whereas, the Northern Railways in Punjab issued a tender for the provision of installing a STP (Sewerage Treatment Plant) 50 KLD at PTK Station.

Procurement in Public Works Department: A significant number of STP tenders were published by the public works department across various states in India. For instance, the Public Works Department in Goa issued a tender for refurbishing and up gradation of STP with a capacity of 75 MLD located at Navelim Sirvodem in Margao constituency. The Central Public Works Department in Delhi and Kerala advertised STP tenders for providing services like supplying, installation, testing and commissioning of 2 MLD Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) at Buddha Jayanti Park, New Delhi whereas in Kerala published a tender for providing maintenance and operation services of 100 KLD STP at GPRA, Trivandrum.

Live analysis: 

As of 16th May 2024, the government agencies in India published a total of 56 STP tenders across various states. These 56 tenders were advertised from states like Madhya Pradesh ranked the top position which advertised 14 tenders followed by Tamil Nadu issued 13 tenders and Punjab published 7 tenders, West Bengal published 6 tenders, Rajasthan issued 6 tenders, and Karnataka and Maharashtra advertised 5 tenders respectively.

Conclusion: This above analysis shows the significant demand for the Sewage Treatment Plants across various states in India. Therefore, the distributors and the service providers of STPs are recommended to actively monitor the tender announcements and participate in the relevant tenders to grab the future business opportunities.

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