5 Headshot Mistakes to Avoid: Your Headshot Cheat Sheet

Your professional headshot is more than just any other photograph. It is an impression, often a first impression of you. So, before you book a session with a corporate headshots photographer in Dubai, how about some guidance on taking a successful shot? Let’s start simple: a guide on avoiding some common headshot mistakes!

Been There, Don’t Do That: Headshot Mistakes to Avoid

Your potential employer, partner, or any other person looking at your headshot in a professional capacity can make a decision simply based on how you appear. Needless to say, it’s best to steer clear of headshot mistakes on your very first try. 

Here is your headshot cheat sheet, some simple no-nos of headshot photography.

Mistake #1: Not Making Eye Contact with the Camera!

The mark of a confident professional who appears as if they know what they are doing starts with great eye contact. So, one of the main common mistakes when getting a headshot is the lack of eye contact. 

Understandably, this can be tricky if you’re camera-shy or don’t feel confident about making eye contact in general. Unfortunately, you cannot apply the trick of looking at people’s shoulders (instead of their eyes) during public speaking. 

Here are a few ways you can make superb, confident eye contact during your headshot photography:

  • Be friends with the camera! Imagine talking with someone who makes you feel self-assured.
  • Give yourself a pep-talk in the mirror. Recall that talk while you’re posing for the picture.
  • The ‘look away’ trick. Look away from the camera, up to the second the photographer wants to take the shot. At that moment, look right into the second. You won’t have the time to shy away!

Mistake #2: Wearing Unflattering or Unsuitable Outfits

You may have heard the age-old saying: ‘Dress for the job you want.’ The rule applies to professional pictures as well, especially headshots. Always wear something that reflects on what kind of profession you’re aiming for. 

You can go casual for a job such as a model or freelance artist. But for a corporate job, a suit or even a proper dress shirt improves others’ perception of you. Avoid one of the common mistakes when getting a headshot by wearing something you would never go to work in.

While adhering to a dress code, don’t forget to wear something you feel comfortable in and something that suits you! You look good when you feel good—so play around with colors and looks that you feel bring out the poised yet approachable side of your personality the most!

Mistake #3: Choosing a Distracting Background

Never, ever choose a background that overshadows you! Indoor backgrounds are easier to work with since you can easily pick a subtle backdrop. And yes, you can choose an outdoor background for your corporate headshot, but it has to be something muted. 

Go for a neutral-color building in the background, with some greenery for variety. A shallow depth of field works well—that’s when the focus on you is sharp with some blurring in the background). Pick photo and video production services in Dubai that have experience with professional and corporate portraits and headshots. This brings us to the next point…

Mistake #4: Working With an Inexperienced Photographer

One of the biggest headshot mistakes people make is working with someone who has no prior experience in headshots. An expert headshot photographer can turn that single photo into a work of art. They offer:

  • Understanding of colors and ambiance for corporate headshots.
  • The perfect lighting and exposure make you flattering.
  • Access to indoor and outdoor backdrops so you can select something relevant!

Whether you’re aiming to save some money or simply working with someone because you know them—know that it can cost you!

Mistake #5: Not Having More Than One Edited Picture

Since the time you’ve had your photograph taken for school, do you remember looking at your picture and disliking at least one part of it? But since there are no do-overs or multiple options, you’ve got to live with the end result. Lucky for you, you get some options in professional headshot photography!

Don’t make headshot mistakes that are easily unavoidable! Always ask your photographer to finalize a handful of headshots for you rather than just one or two. That way, if you don’t like your expression in one or the lightning in another, there’s more to choose from.

Bottom Line: Ready, Set, Focus!

Confidence, proper attire and backdrop, and a great photographer—once you have all this, you can avoid all the above headshot mistakes. Don’t forget to compare prices and the work of the different photographers before you make a choice!

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